• Come PIG OUT at Fetty Wootz


YEAH, PIG OUT! It is totally acceptable at Fetty Wootz. “Smoked meats, beer, whiskey, and a small bit of mess amount to a good time. Come in and enjoy our hoggery and whiskey/beer bar. All hail the swine!”

Welcome to Fetty Wootz

Fetty WootzFat Pigs, or as we call it, “Fetty Wootz” opened its doors inside The Brickyard in September 2013. Our Pitmaster is on a never ending journey of perfection to bring our customers the finest, homemade and Lancaster bred BBQ we can offer. We make everything from scratch and utilze as much local product as we can.

We look forward to giving you a taste, and hope you enjoy our southern style Lancaster hospitality. You won’t leave hungry. After dinner enjoy a drink in our bar area, The Brickyard. Catch a game or just relax with some friends.